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Poverty Reduction

Encourage the state government to find ways to partner with community and local faith based organizations in an effort to promote social responsibility and community engagement in the fight against poverty. We recognize that individuals coming together to help the less fortunate is better than anything the government alone can do.

Encourage the business community to hire those who have been unemployed for more than six months and to retrain unskilled workers by offering tax incentives for participating businesses and organizations.

Offer homeless and unemployed individuals the opportunity to work for the state government repairing our roads and on other needed development projects in exchange for shelter, educational, and job training assistance.

Education Policy

Trust and empower teachers and local communities to decide what is best for their individual school districts. Provide more flexible teacher support and evaluation systems. Teachers and parents know better how to educate our children than unelected state bureaucrats. We fully support the return of the Little Rock School District to local control.

Ensure that our schools are fully funded without bureaucratic strings attached the fact that Arkansas ranks in the bottom half of the country in education spending shows a clear lack of care and wisdom for the future by our state leaders. Delivering a quality public education experience includes ensuring all our children are properly nourished. Expand and protect the free school lunch program child hunger is unacceptable in a civilized society.

Create a state program where citizens can commit two years of community or civic service in exchange for a full scholarship to any public four year university or trade school.
Government Reform and Combating Corruption

Ensure the state Ethics Commission is fully funded and staffed to weed out the ever so prevalent corruption in Arkansas politics.

Initiate a full audit of the entire state government to ensure proper use and management of taxpayer dollars amid the history of state embezzlement in Arkansas.

Require organizations who engage in political activity, including all forms of advertising to fully disclose who it’s donors are and make that information available to the public.

Require public disclosure of all legislative conflicts of interests with lobbyists.
Technological Advancement and Economic Growth

Invest in rural broadband which will enable small business and job growth.

Encourage more K-12 Information Technology based education that will prepare our kids for the jobs of the future.

Incentivise tech companies to relocate and invest in Arkansas, thus creating better job opportunities.
Support the working class and strong family value system

Make childcare more affordable through tax credits.

Provide grants to faith-based and community organizations to help couples strengthen their marriage, become better parents, and reduce domestic violence.

Expand state Family and Medical Leave Laws to cover parent-teacher visits and children’s medical appointments.


Enable the state Department of Health to hold insurance and pharmaceutical companies accountable for deliberate and unnecessary price gouging.

Establish reasonable price and cost controls people shouldn’t get rich off others suffering.

Require that insurers,health plan administrators, and pharmacies provide patients with provider-specific estimates of their out-of-pocket costs for procedures, drugs, and hospital stays. This will provide access to the information patients need to make informed decisions about their health.