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     My name is Mazhil Rajendran, and I am a candidate for Arkansas House of Representatives District 31. I am a first generation Indian American. I migrated to the United States and have been living in Arkansas since 2001. I am an Engineering graduate; a Certified Information Technology Professional and I hold a Doctorate in Engineering Management. I have been blessed with a career as a Software Engineer. I am also a partner in several small businesses. I am a proud husband and father of one daughter who is studying pre-med in college, and a son who is freshman in high school. 

     I have lived my life with the intention to serve the community, and this is reflected in my current and past actions. I have served as the Director of the Friends of Central Arkansas Library System Board (FOCAL), as a Board member for the Asbury Christian Child Development Center and as a member of the university senate in M.S University. I am serving as an executive committee member of a community center project coordinated by AAPI and serving as President and Director of a Language and Community organization called Arkansas Tamil Sangam.

    I have been a member of Asbury United Methodist Church since 2001, and my religious and family values are what have driven me to enter this race and make sure others are able to have the same success and blessings. I look forward to working in the legislature to help facilitate an environment that will enable you to achieve your dream.