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     Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Mazhil Rajendran, and I am running to serve Arkansas in the State house. I have the desire and drive for community service. I am doing this for the people who have been ignored by the political and economic elite. I have seen and listened to how politicians brought up key issues and passed bills that have directly impacted the people. I felt that the voices of people in my district are not reflected in the house. I want to be a bridge between the people of my district and the house. 
I am running to

  • Reduce poverty through community and social engagement

  • Create a quality public education system available to every student

  • Reform government and combat the system of corruption and greed

  • Prepare our kids for the jobs of the future

  • Support the working class and a strong family values system

  • Work for affordable healthcare policies and against predatory insurance companies